Class Descriptions

Explore each of our In-Studio, Yoga-Movement Class Experiences in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

woman in arm balance yoga pose


Dynamic asana meets plyometrics, primal movement, and cardio-intensive bursts in this calorie scorching, high energy, yoga class format integrating the human emotional experience.

Driven by feeling, not thought, students facilitate release and transform their bodies through the healing power which lives within.

Release stored trauma at a cellular level as you get out of your head and back into your body through intentional shaking & vibration combined with Buti’s spiral structure technique, SST.

Engage your senses physically, emotionally, and energetically as we move intuitively to the musical beat, and let’s create an energetic safe container for each of us to break through the emotional barriers holding us back from achieving \\\\\\\”self-love\\\\\\\”.

Classes are 60 minutes in a room with ambient temperature ranging between 78-82 degrees F. Caloric burn during this class ranges from 500-900 for an ALL-IN-ONE workout designed to transform your MIND + BODY + SOUL.

Vibe & Flow

Vibe & Flow is a Vinyasa Inspired, Buti empowered, energizing class format focused on creativity and alignment through intentional vinyasa sequencing.

Synchronizing breath with fluid movement to the musical beat, Vibe & Flow is an intuitive, low impact class format placing emphasis on muscle engagement and joint alignment with anatomically intentional sequencing. This practice is designed to align the body + mind + spirit as students get out of their head and back into their body through energizing movement sequences and mindful body awareness. Dive deeper into your flow practice through a functional yoga flow incorporating intentional props and options for advanced variations or modifications which are aligned with your level of practice.

Supporting everyBODY within their flow practice, Vibe & Flow classes combine traditional Vinyasa with spiral structure technique (SST®), static shaking, and vibrational movement methodology to ensure you still feel the vibe as you leave.

Classes are 60-minutes each and held in a space with ambient temperatures ranging between 80-85 degrees F. Come set your foundation and the purpose of your vibe within a vinyasa practice in vibe & flow.

Flow Alchemy

Alchemize your energy through the fusion of fluid yoga flow and deep muscle strength & conditioning in this energizing, moderate-impact class format. Weaving together traditional Vinyasa roots with dynamic and intuitive movement, each class explores the boundaries of creativity while maintaining more intentional Vinyasa sequencing. Explore the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water in an invigorating movement experience designed to strengthen the body, provide a deepened self-awareness, and align MIND+BODY+SPIRIT.

Transcend the traditional in an transformative movement experience that:
  • Supports & strengthens key stability muscles in the body
  • Taps into your creative freedom & fluidity
  • Harmonizes movement and breath to the musical beat
  • Energizes and uplifts your unique spirit
  • Builds heat through deep muscle activation, isometric holds, and use of proper alignment techniques
  • Ignites and embodies your most authentic self

Flow Alchemy is suitable for All levels of practice, and classes may be modified to support both beginner or advanced yoga practitioners looking for a more vigorous workout. Discover & Transform in a flow practice that taps into AND alchemizes your strength and power from within.

*** Classes are held for 60 minutes each in a space with ambient temperatures ranging between 80 to 85 degrees F.


DEEP is a low-impact, restorative movement practice which focuses on unlocking and restoring function of your deep core. Intuitive yet intentional, DEEP’s combination of micro-movements + Buti’s Spiral Structure Technique (SST®) + the use of physical touch helps students connect the brain to innervated muscles for the restructure of their deep core.

Unlock plus restore function of your deep core muscles through intensive core activation, slow and intentional movement sequences, static shaking & vibration, SST®, as well as self-massage techniques. Catalyze change at a cellular level as DEEP encourages the release of stored emotional + physical trauma in the body. 

Join us for a class with lasting, long-term health benefits including:
  • prevent injury
  • strengthen from the inside out for lasting change
  • restore innervation
  • support + assist your body with the recovery and prevention of bladder & uterine prolapse and diastasis recti

Classes are held for 60 minutes each in a space with ambient temperatures ranging between 80-85 degrees F. Come experience transformative change within as you UNLOCK + RESTORE FUNCTION + MOVE STORED TRAUMA in DEEP.