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Meet Our Instructors

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Rachel Rinker

Rachel established EMPWR MVMNT in 2021 after completing her Yoga teacher training and obtaining certifications across various Buti Yoga formats. Her mission is to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where individuals of all backgrounds feel empowered to practice yoga without fear of judgment.

At EMPWR, we foster a sense of community where students can thrive, grow, and move with purpose as they navigate their personal journeys. Our ethos, “Embody Mindful Positive Wholeness & Rise (EMPWR)” revolves around offering a space for self-discovery and both individual and collective empowerment.

Rachel is a certified RYT200 yoga instructor specializing in Buti Yoga, Primal Flow, Deep, Sculpt, Buti Bands, and HotCore. Committed to her own growth and that of her students, she believes in the transformative power of knowledge and actively pursues continuous education. Her mantra, inspired by Albert Einstein’s wisdom, is a testament to her dedication: “I will never stop learning and growing. When you cease to learn, you cease to grow. And when you cease to grow, you cease to improve, get better, move forward, and just sort of begin to – exist.”

From Breast Cancer to Buti

Rachel is a Breast Cancer survivor who discovered her passion for yoga following her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment at age 33. While she always held a passion for health and fitness, it wasn’t until completion of her reconstruction surgery in 2018 that Buti Yoga found her. It was then she was introduced to this practice and she found a deeper connection, appreciation, and love for both herself and yoga. “Buti Yoga has enabled me with the deepest of healing, a sense of identity, and to truly discover what is most important in my life – now it’s my purpose to help others find the same”.

For those interested in learning more about Rachel’s Breast Cancer healing journey, checkout her October 2021 blog post:

Serenity Ruiz

Serenity is a certified Buti Yoga Instructor as well as Buti Bands and Sculpt. 

She discovered Buti back in 2015 and has been consistently teaching ever since. Serenity enjoys empowering her students through movement and connections and cannot wait to lead you in class!

Discover the Movement - What is Buti?

Buti Yoga is a somatic movement practice which invites you on a journey to explore your untapped potential within. Derived from the Indian Marathi word, “Buti” translates to “a cure to something that’s been hidden or kept secret.” Through Buti Yoga, we shed the layers concealing this cure, and liberate ourselves from past fears, insecurities, and limitations. Ignite and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit in a dynamic movement experience.

Blending traditional yoga postures with primal movement, cardio intensive dance and strength & conditioning, Buti Yoga is intuitive, yet intentional. Each class incorporates intentional shaking and vibration to release deep-seated trauma at a cellular level. Guided by Buti’s Spiral Structure Technique (SST®), the Buti Movement Methodology offers a vigorous, holistic workout.

Through an empowered and supportive collective, students cultivate lasting strength in the body while breaking through emotional barriers which hinder self-love. Reconnect to your body’s wisdom as you transcend the mental chatter and meet new friends as we synchronize movement and breath with the musical beat.

PLEASE NOTE: Buti Yoga is a high energy class combining music and movement for a calorie scorching, full-body workout. Unlike more traditional yoga practices, Buti integrates yoga asanas with primal movement and cardio-intensive dance. Discover the essence of Buti Yoga and the transformative power of #butibliss firsthand. You are invited, welcome, and wanted in our movement collective.