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Discover a vibrant yoga-movement collective and transform your life through the dynamic world of buti

Our Collective


Transcend the traditional and come explore multidimensional movement & yoga with a somatic emphasis. Driven by feeling, not thought, our classes are designed to challenge your body across all planes of motion as we integrate the human emotional experience through a sweat dripping, beat driven journey.

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Get out of your head and back into your body through a yoga-movement practice designed to build lean muscle tone and release stagnant energy in the body. Creativity in motion – come discover + explore + nourish your physical, energetic, and emotional systems for sustainable transformation from the inside out.

Community & Connection

We envision a world where individuals unite and support one another without judgement. We are committed to the creation of an empowered collective where all are supported in their personal journey of self-discovery, growth and healing – both on and off the mat. Discover the power of community as we connect + enrich our collective, and create a safe container to experience feeling part of something bigger than ourselves.

You are welcome & wanted! Empower Yourself, Empower the Collective, and let’s Embody Mindful Positive Wholeness & Rise.

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Buti Movement Methodology

“Buti” is an Indian Marathi word for, “a cure which has been kept hidden or secret.” All Buti classes combine traditional yoga asanas (poses), primal movement, cardio-intensive dance, and strength & conditioning for a high-energy, functional, dynamic movement experience with somatic emphasis that empowers students to strip away the layers that hide this cure. ignite your unique authenticity and catalyze your internal flame as we move intuitively to the musical beat. Come experience a movement practice unlike any traditional yoga class – you are invited, wanted, and worthy of self-love!

Practice with Us!

With a variety of class and pass alternatives PLUS two in-studio locations in North Phoenix & South Scottsdale – there is something for everyBODY.  

Join us at Studio Scottsdale Fitness:

practice MAKES progress but it takes...

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Mindset is the compass which guides our journey. Set it on a course of positivity & a path of illumination will light before you.

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Unlock your full potential - Commitment is the key to realizing your aspirations & shaping a future of limitless possibilities.

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Expand your vision, your worth, and let your spirit light a fire within you to leave this world better than where you found it.

what our students say

How yoga has changed lives? Hear from our members.

Beacons of love and light.
Gifted "yoga journey" guides.
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practicing for 4+ years
Rachel is an incredible instructor. She crafts every class to match and elevate the energy of the room and inspires you to keep going.
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practicing for 5+ years
I love Rachel's classes and the vibe she brings! She encourages us to challenge ourselves while making her classes fun for all!
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practicing for 1+ year

“It’s time to start your journey for a stronger and healthier you!”

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Find greater Balance in Mind, Body, and Spirit

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